Product Overview

What is Registered Caller?

Registered Caller is a common, industry sponsored centralized telephone number registry that helps mitigate illegal and unwanted robocalls and increase call completion rates by providing Voice Service Providers with enterprise caller information they can trust.

How does a centralized registration compare to a decentralized one?

This datasheet provides detailed information on the differences between a centralized vs fragmented approach to attestation elevation.



What types of enterprises would benefit from Registered Caller?

Enterprises across various industry segments, outsourced contact centers, in-house contact centers, cloud communications platforms, and other entities actively making outbound calls and seeking increased consumer engagement.

Use Case and Users

What problems does Registered Caller solve?

Consumer distrust of telephone numbers and caller ID information leads to lower contact rates. With Registered Caller, enterprises and the telephone numbers they use can get vetted, registered and verified, creating a verified relationship between a call originator (e.g., call center, enterprise) and a telephone number helping outbound calls be delivered to consumers and displayed appropriately.

With better quality data from a trusted source,  Voice Service Providers can more easily identify legitimate calls, helping to deliver increased call completion rates for enterprises.

How does Registered Caller help consumers?

Registered Caller helps ensure that enterprises and the telephone numbers they use, get vetted, registered and verified, helping give consumers authentic call information to help them know who is calling and whether to answer, helping prevent consumers from missing legitimate calls from enterprises they trust.

How does Registered Caller help enterprises?

Registered Caller helps to improve customer call answer rates. Studies show consumers are highly unlikely to answer calls from unknown callers. Registered Caller offers improved call authentication and helps enterprises more effectively reach their customers.

Competitors, Partners and Co-opetition

How does Registered Caller fit into the voice ecosystem?

A Registrant is able to enter their information and associated telephone numbers. After analysis and verification processes, the data is shared with the US voice ecosystem, including Voice Service Providers.


Why was iconectiv selected to manage the Registered Caller industry solution?

iconectiv recognizes that businesses and consumers need to access and exchange information simply, seamlessly and securely. The company’s extensive experience in information services and its unmatched numbering intelligence helps them do just that. In fact, more than 2 billion people count on iconectiv’s platforms each day to keep their networks, devices and applications connected. The company’s cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions span network and operations management, numbering, trusted communications and fraud prevention. With an unparalleled depth of experience, iconectiv has the unique ability to manage and run programs on behalf of partners. In that capacity, iconectiv currently serves as Register Caller Administrator, Short Code Registry Administrator, Telecommunications Relay Service for iTRS Administrator, Calling Number Verification Service Policy Administrator and the Local Number Portability Administrator for the nation’s Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC).

Product Features and Technical Information

Is Registered Caller available globally?

Registered Caller is only available in the United States.

How will Registered Caller work with my existing tools, systems and processes?

The registered and verified caller information is easily shared among the US voice ecosystem and can easily be integrated into existing platforms, systems and processes to improve call delivery and customer experience. The platform is technology-agnostic and can assist with non-IP call frameworks as well. Registrants can use a web-based GUI or restful API to register their telephone numbers.

How do I register my telephone numbers?

Prior to registering, ensure you have the full list of all the telephone numbers you want to register. Once you sign in to your account, you can use the Graphical User Interface (GU) I to register your telephone numbers. They must all be 10 digit numbers and can be uploaded using a txt file.

Do I have to create an account with Registered Caller before I can register my telephone numbers?

Yes, you have to create an account online in order to be able to register your telephone numbers. To do so, ensure you have the following information: company email address (this must be an email address to which you have access, as you will be asked to enter the verification code sent to this email address as part of the registration process), your company website, your company telephone number and physical address, primary company domain (SIC Code), Dun & Bradstreet Number (DUNS) (if available), and Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN).

Can I request that a Voice Service Provider upload my telephone numbers?

Yes, on the Registered Caller platform, you can request that your Voice Service Provider uploads your telephone numbers. However, to ensure all your telephone numbers are registered, we recommend that you register your telephone numbers through the Registered Caller platform and request that your Voice Service Provider(s) verify and confirm that such telephone numbers are associated with your enterprise.

What if I use multiple Voice Service Providers for voice calls?

All sources of voice calls and telephone numbers can be registered in Registered Caller for the same enterprise thereby providing a full view of voice traffic associated with the registered telephone numbers.

How can I upload a list of telephone numbers?

You can upload telephone numbers via the user interface or through the Registrant API.

Do I need to add my Voice Service Provider(s) prior to registering my telephone numbers?

As part of the process, you are asked to first add your telephone numbers and indicate which Voice Service Provider manages those telephone numbers. Once the telephone numbers are registered a request is made to Voice Service Provider(s) for verification.

What file formats do you accept?

We accept txt files.

How do I format my file for telephone number uploads?

All telephone numbers must be line separated and 10 digits. Country codes should not be included.

Can I have more than one Admin for my account?

Yes you can.

How many overall users can I add to my account?

There is no limit to the number of overall users.

How long does it take for my telephone numbers to be verified by a Voice Service Provider?

This length of time depends on your service provider. However, it is typically accomplished in fewer than five business days.

What are the supported browsers?

Registered Caller’s supported browser is Google Chrome for Desktop.

What is a Delegate Certificate?

Delegate certificates are used so that voice service providers have a method to establish a business’ right to use a telephone number when the telephone company did not assign that number to a particular business itself.

This matters because the originating service provider needs to attest to all calls. In order for an originating service provider to provide an “A” Attestation or fully attest a call through the network, they need to be confident in both the originator of that call and confident that the consumer or business using that telephone number, has the right to the use that telephone number. This happens in situations where a business is using a call center to make outbound voice calls on their behalf or when a business procures a telephone number from a service provider other than the one originating the call.

Does Registered Caller work with Delegate Certificate model?

Yes, Registered Caller works with the Delegate Certificate model. Extending the SHAKEN credential system to include Delegate Certificate enables calls to be signed by, or on behalf of, originating businesses so the telephone numbers and business entities they represent can be recognized as legitimate.

How would Registered Caller work with the Delegate Certificate model?

Registered Caller serves as the front-end and common, industry-sponsored, registry for enterprises and the numbers they use for Caller ID. Registered Caller benefits customers that either outsource the signing of calls (i.e., signing of PASSPorTs) or sign calls themselves. In the Delegate Certificate model, originating service providers sending calls signed with a Delegate Certificate can use Registered Caller to help ensure that terminating voice provider trusts that the calling party (Caller ID) information in that certificate has been verified.

Does Registered Caller work with toll-free numbers?

Yes, Registered Caller works with toll-free numbers. Extending the SHAKEN authentication system to include toll-free numbers enables legitimate outbound calls from toll-free numbers to receive and be presented to the caller as verified. We envision that many RespOrgs, which are the companies that manage toll-free numbers, will utilize Registered Caller to enable the highest level of attestation for those calls.