Authoritative Source for Calling Party Information

Registered Caller offers Voice Service Providers an industry-backed telephone number registry that supports trusted call delivery. As an authoritative source for Call Originators, it helps Voice Service Providers ensure wanted calls reach consumers.

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Elevate Attestation with Confidence

Registered Caller provides an industry-backed approach to Call Originator authentication by providing authoritative caller information to Voice Service Providers. Registered Caller offers a single, trusted source to confirm the authenticity of the calling party and calling number, enabling Voice Service Providers to confidently determine how to attest for the validity of the calling number. This enables optimal call delivery to the consumer.

Delegate Certificate Trusted Delivery

Delegate Certificate Trusted Delivery

Registered Caller validates telephone numbers for Voice Service Providers and other stakeholders in the voice service ecosystem who utilize Delegate Certificates as a method to authenticate calls signed by, or on behalf of, Call Originators.  Delegate Certificates are a recognized element of the STIR/SHAKEN framework.  When integrated with Registered Caller, Voice Service Providers can confirm that the calling party information (Caller ID) has been authenticated by a trusted resource.

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Registered Caller Features

central Call delivery confidence that supports multiple call delivery methods
central Technology-neutral centralized telephone number registry
central Complementary to all STIR/SHAKEN network architecture implementations
central Easy integration into Authentication Service (AS) engines signing calls in network