Turn-Key Solution to Boost B2B Service Offerings

Registered Caller offers Value-Added Resellers a solution that boosts business-to-business (B2B) service offerings with a registry and verification solution to support voice call attestation elevation for enterprise customers. Attestation elevation can benefit any organization making outbound calls to customers by helping to increase call completion rates and customer engagement.

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Expand Service Offerings

Register telephone numbers and entities on behalf of enterprise customers, resell Registered Caller verification as value-added product/service.

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Mitigate Robocalls

Improves robocall mitigation performance by reducing the impact of illegal Caller ID spoofing, allowing brands to more effectively reach their customers.

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Reduce Costs

Reduce operational and customer service costs. Volume discounts are available for Value-Added Resellers registering 1,000 or more telephone numbers.

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Registered Caller Features


Call delivery confidence that supports multiple call delivery methods


Streamlined telephone number registration process that encourages adoption

central Complements STIR/SHAKEN solutions