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Rich Call Data Helps Increase Call Answer Rates, Restores Consumer Trust

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Business Value of Rich Call Data is Helping Increase Call Answer Rates, Restore Consumer Trust
Verizon, T-Mobile, CTIA and iconectiv Discuss Best Practices During SIPNOC 2022

What: This year, consumers will lose $40 billion to fraudulent robocalls. The deluge of illegal robocalls also has conditioned 58% of consumers to answer calls only from numbers they recognize. This makes it difficult, expensive and sometimes impossible for hospitals, schools and other legitimate organizations to reach consumers. And as a result, these unanswered calls deprive quality brands of essential customer engagement, which can equate to lost revenue.

At SIPNOC 2022, the Rich Call Data (RCD) Best Practices: Building Trust for Future Success panel discussion will explore how RCD is poised to help increase call-answer rates by providing an enhanced caller ID display that includes a company’s name, logo and call intent. Representatives from iconectiv, CTIA, T-Mobile and Verizon will discuss how combining RCD with a calling verification solution (powered by the STIR/SHAKEN framework and protocols) will be beneficial to businesses. The discussion also looks at how Registered Caller™ – the industry-backed centralized telephone number registry – is foundational for powering trusted RCD by enabling pre-call telephone numbers and brand vetting and validation.

By working with Voice Service Providers, Registered Caller helps to ensure calls are given the highest trust level and can be accepted and processed by any Voice Service Provider that receives the call. With 73% of industry leaders valuing the consistency and efficiency of utilizing a centralized registry, Registered Caller provides them the simplicity of registering and validating telephone numbers across multiple service providers and helps increase call answer rates. With higher call completion rates, Registered Caller helps reduce operational and customer service costs.


  • John Marinho, Vice President, Cybersecurity & Technology, CTIA
  • John Haraburda, Principal Solutions Engineer, iconectiv
  • Pierce Gorman, Principal Engineer Systems Architecture, T-Mobile
  • Lulia Barakat, Senior Manager, Verizon

When: Wednesday, March 23, from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM ET

Where: SIPNOC 2022 is a virtual event. To attend Rich Call Data (RCD) Best Practices: Building Trust for Future Success, register for free at

Follow the panel live on Twitter @iconectiv.